• Scientific resources that were initially developed with government grant funding are at risk of termination when grants end.
  • Phoenix Bioinformatics works with the creators of these resources to develop long-term and sustainable funding models.


Gateway Management

  • Subscription payment management
  • IP range or login determination
  • Usage monitoring
  • Customized access options
    • Free and paid content separation
    • Works with current login systems if needed


Support solutions

  • Business planning
  • Funding options tailored to your resource
    • donations, pay-to-submit, subscriptions, memberships
  • Usage analysis and pricing
  • Drafting licensing agreement and terms of use
  • Sales and marketing at every scale: countries, libraries, consortia, labs, and individual researchers
  • Payment handling and account management


Contact us if…

  • The future of your resource’s funding is uncertain or lost
  • You’re writing a sustainability plan for a grant proposal


It worked for us! TAIR as a Case Study


Some highlights of this model:

  • Sustainable
    • Subscriptions provide a stable, globally distributed revenue stream that distributes the cost of data curation and tool development among those who benefit the most.
  • Affordable
    • Our non-profit model keeps the price low for subscribers
  • Flexible Access
    • Free access for students enrolled in a course using TAIR
    • Free access for lowest income countries
    • All data made freely available for download after it has been in TAIR for one year
    • Metered access allows infrequent users to access TAIR without paying

Phoenix Bioinformatics is funded by subscription support, donations, and a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


Positions taken by Phoenix Bioinformatics represent the views of Phoenix itself and not those of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation or its trustees, officers, or staff.